Residential Decorating

Quality interior and exterior decorating of your house, at a price you can afford, that’s our promise.

painting-the-wallI and my team carry out painting, wallpapering, all kinds of decorating to a very high standard, at extremely reasonable prices. If a repair is needed or is holding up the decorating, we’ll do that as well. No residential decorating job whether internal or external is too big or too small for us – we organise our resources for every size of decorating job.

  • Have you always done all your own painting & decorating, to your own high standards but don’t want to anymore?
  • Are you simply too busy and don’t want to spend your precious spare time decorating your house?    

It’s obviously necessary to paint the outsides of houses when the weather’s fine, but given English weather that’s not easy to plan! We manage our workload so that no time is wasted. Whilst we aim to keep going once we’ve started any job, if the weather breaks on an external house painting job, if necessary we’ll switch to a small internal decorating job elsewhere. We always have interior and exterior work going on in parallel and we manage everything so that everybody benefits. The main thing is we come back and finish the job as soon as the weather improves.

If you’re concerned about preparation, please rest assured that we are too. That’s where the hard work is, before any painting or decorating is done!

If you prefer to source your own paint or wallpaper that’s fine, but we’re very happy to take on that part of the job as well and free up your time some more. We can discuss when we meet whether you prefer us to quote with or without materials included.

If you’re worried about security please don’t be, we will follow your precise instructions regarding access and departure when you’re out, you don’t need to be around just to keep an eye on us and we can bring our own tea! However if you’re in we’re nice guys to have around the place and we won’t say no if you offer us a cuppa!

If you’ve never let somebody else do your decorating before and are feeling nervous about it, we encourage you to look at some examples of our work to give you confidence that we can meet your quality standards. We can arrange for a viewing local to you whether you’re in Lymington or elsewhere in the area. Just call or email Rob Ingrem Painting and Decorating.